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Archive for June 2015

History of Nevada

Nevada’s basin and range topography was formed by geological events. The Nevada Basin physiographic region as well as central Nevada desert changed the course of the Humboldt River and Great Basin resulting in present day Nevada. The Washoe, Walapai, Shoshone and Paiute tribes were the original inhabitants of Nevada for more than a thousand years…

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Best Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

As the hot season is already here, cooling your home has become a necessity. Most people who think of summer prefer to focus on the nice part of this season, which includes picnics, tasty iced drinks, delicious ice-creams and long days spent at the pool or at the beach. However, the other side of the…

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Top 5 Reasons to Live in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is well known throughout the world for its amazing nightlife, classy casinos, world-class gambling, fantastic shopping, great food and the glamorous lifestyle. But, many of us are not aware that along with all this, the city is perhaps, one of the best places to live offering you almost every single thing you would…

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