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Top 3 Reasons Millennials Should Invest In Real Estate Now

When it comes to real estate investing, doing so at a young age is too often viewed as a liability. Sure, everyone has a lot to learn starting out. The beginning stages of considering an investment can seem daunting to anyone of any age. There’s an element of risk involved and that can be scary.…

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5 Things That Should Make You Run Away From That Rental

There are several reasons people choose a rental property rather than buying a home. Some want the convenience of having a management company take care of maintenance. Others might be saving for their first home and need a temporary place to live, or are new to a city and want to rent until they decide…

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3 Important Reasons to Get Pre-Approved For Your Mortgage

You’ve taken all the early steps. You’re scouring online to find that perfect home, looking for the right realtor to help you seal the deal, and you’re even planning out where you’ll put all of the furniture. The good news is that there’s a ton of information out there for home buyers, and the prospect…

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