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At Tradewind we make sure to thoroughly screen our tenants in-house, so you can rest easy. With us your property is safe.
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Find your dream home with the help of the professionals. Tradewind prides itself in using very current data to correctly price your units.
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Leading our team is Tiger Mynarcik, with 22 years of real estate experience, 18 years of property and asset management.
To say thanks, we created the We Tenants program. Each month our tenants have the chance to enter a giveaway for prizes.
Rent is increasing and it's crucial to know how to price your rental correctly. Tradewind prides itself in using very current data to correctly price your units. This allows for maximum returns on your units.

The owners are paid between the 8th-10th of EVERY month! Along with the complete monthly statement of activity.

Maintaining the properties value is crucial. Too many owners neglect the quality of the home, Tradewind’s fully vetting handyman team will keep your home in prime condition.

Tradewind Investments is currently involved in widespread areas of the Las Vegas sales & development market
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Please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to help you! At Tradewind Investments we value our clients and we use our expertise to their best interest.

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A: Property management companies remain the same across the board, with very little diversity. The key thing we believe in is a relationship – we are focusing on you. Your investment. Your property. All with an end goal on building partnerships with life long clients. This is not just about numbers for us, its personal.

A: At Trade Wind Investments we have an “in-house” maintenance staff. That means we control time, schedules and prices. This has been one of the best things we have ever done in our business. There is no more waiting for an outside handyman to get around to our tenants and not always knowing what to expect.

A: Homeowners are typically in 4 positions: homeowner relocating, investor recently purchased, tired of maintaining their current tenants, or not happy with your current management company – and we can help in every area! We would love to help you manage your investment and achieve your goals along the way.

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I have worked with everyone in the Tradewind team for over the last twenty years or so. I have done everything from flipping houses to buy and hold rental houses to value-add commercial deals.

Everyone, including the owners and their children (who work side by side in the business), are very accessible and have expanded my knowledge tremendously with their insights. Their expertise sets the standard in the industry. They are my one-stop for any real estate needs I have in the LV area.

– Steve Settlage

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Our team specializes in buying, selling, property management, lease optioning and investing in the Las Vegas residential or commercial real estate market. We believe in being, honest, ethical, and listening to our client’s needs.

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Finding your new home might be difficult, but our experienced team are here to help you make this process much easier. Contact Tradewind Investments and get the professional advice you need!