The Benefits of Working with Tradewind Investments for Las Vegas Property Management

While there are many reasons to work with Tradewind Investments, today we are giving you a couple of quick benefits that you’ll receive when you work with us. Our job is to provide the best management for your rental property in Las Vegas, and also to protect you from stress and frustration.

Property Management Las Vegas: Maintenance

One of the biggest questions we always get asked is how we handle maintenance. We have found that over the years, having an in-house maintenance company is one of the best resources we can provide to you. We have developed our own in-house maintenance company, which eliminates a lot of stress for our owners. It’s not a requirement that you use us when repairs are needed at your property, but it does create convenience for you and that’s our goal – to make owning rental property more convenient for you and to eliminate stress.

Property Management Las Vegas: Rent Payments

We also get asked about payments. We collect rent on the first of every month. There is no grace period for our tenants, so you get your funds between the 8th and 10th of the month. That’s huge for a lot of owners; you have bills to pay and obligations to meet, and you don’t want to worry about late fees.

Property Management Las Vegas: Experience

We have been in business for 23 years. During the market crash, we saw a lot of Realtors who rushed to get their property management licenses so they could become property managers. We The Benefits of Working with Tradewind Investments for Las Vegas Property Managementhave been there, and we have been through it all. With our years of experience, we have been through every type of market condition and solved every sort of issue. The situations that cause problems for you are the same situations we have managed before.

If you have any questions about Las Vegas property management and how we can help you, please feel free to contact us at Tradewind Investments.

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