Rental Property Maintenance – What You Should Know About Maintaining Your Greatest Asset

When we talk about maintaining your greatest asset, we’re talking about preserving its value. This conversation topic comes up a lot in regard to maintenance. There are a few different ways that we address this. We have told our owners for decades that it’s important to invest in your investment. It doesn’t have to be extreme, but there are different ways to do it.

Attracting High Quality Tenants

We grade our tenants on an A through F system when they go through our screening process. It tells us which tenants are best for which properties. The way you maintain your property will dictate which tenant you end up with in your property. That will impact the next couple of years. If your property is in excellent condition and it’s able to get a high rental amount, you’re going to have a well-qualified tenant living there.

Property Management Las Vegas: Inspections

We also help you maintain your investment with annual inspections. We go into the property and have about 10 to 15 minutes with the tenant so we can talk about any concerns or necessary maintenance. We do a full written report with a lot of pictures. You can review our report and discuss with us what needs to be done and how the tenants are caring for the property. We’ll send notices to correct if necessary or continue our relationship with the tenants while they are performing well. We will also continue responding to maintenance needs in a timely manner.

Working with High Quality Vendors

Getting good work done by good vendors is crucial. Our vendor list is extremely important. We have worked with the Rental Property Maintenance – What You Should Know About Maintaining Your Greatest Assetsame group of outstanding vendors for years, and we know their quality of work. We also know that they are giving us the best prices.

These are a few ways to best maintain your asset. If you have any questions about rental property maintenance in Las Vegas or anything pertaining to Las Vegas property management, please be sure to contact us at Tradewind Investments.

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